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SkyBridge's Music

A Creative Collaboration

Hi guys, this is Utako from SkyBridge. 


First of all, thank you so much for listening to our songs. 

On this page, you can download Karaoke tracks, lead sheets and lyrics at any price that you can contribute.  

Before that, I’d like to share a message as a founder of SkyBridge.  


The goal of SkyBridge is to connect people through music beyond borders. SkyBridge isn’t just a regular band, but it’s rather a concept or a platform for anyone to be a musician and to connect or inspire others through music.  


I thought of this idea because when I went to Berklee College of Music in 2011, my English was like how Yoda speaks, but still, I was able to make many friends because of music. I believe this could happen to anyone whether they are professional musicians or not.  


I have met many people through SkyBridge and SkyBridge’s song has been performed in many countries. All of us have a different living situation, and I believe everyone should be able to have access to SkyBridge's songs. The songs are aimed to connect and inspire others, regardless of their financial situation. This is why I made this downloadable for all, and you can contribute to your named price. If you can’t afford it, please go ahead and just hit the download button. You can download it for free with your email address. If you can, please contribute the amount that you can afford and you feel the song and SkyBridge deserve. I would love to continue writing and performing music not just for the money. Your contribution will help me continue SkyBridge and this mission.

My dream is to come to your city and have workshops to teach SkyBridge’s songs and have a concert WITH you guys. 

I believe that everyone has the power to inspire others and I hope SkyBridge’s songs would help you achieve that. When you practice or perform, please tag us (details below) so that we can watch it and possibly share it with others on our platform!


Looking forward to performing WITH you. 


 “We look different, we ALL smile the same”

Utako :)


Please tag us like this!

SkyBridge official website:





Message from Utako Japanese
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Lyrics and lead sheets

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No Rain No Rainbow Lyrics

English Version

No Rain No Rainbow Lyrics

Japanese Version

No Rain No Rainbow Lead sheet

Full Band Score

No Rain No Rainbow Lead sheet

Choir + Piano Score

We Declare Peace Lyrics

In English

We Declare Peace lead sheet

Full Band Score

We Declare Peace

Choir + Piano Score

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