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About SkyBridge

“We look different, we ALL smile the same”.

SkyBridge is a project band with diversity. SkyBridge was established in the city of Boston in Spring 2013. The founder is Utako Toyama (vocalist and composer). SkyBridge members come from all over the world and our mission is to create meaningful experiences for the audience. We do this by making music with them at our events and thus, we connect those people beyond any borders they have.

SkyBridge is not a 'regular' music band, it's a team of people whom all fall under the same purpose, to promote peace on our planet. We are unique because our intention is to improve major social issues such as discrimination of race, gender, LGBT. By letting audience members experience the joyfulness of singing and in particular, singing collectively in large groups, we hope that our audience will realize clearly that we as humans are ONE- we ALL smile the same.

SkyBridge is a band that creates original music, but it's main focus is about creating social movements through that music by inspiring people.

Our concert is YOUR concert - This is the concept of SkyBridge's concert.

Our music is for YOU to sing. By singing our songs together, we will become one big family no matter who you are, what you believe or how different you are.



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