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About SkyBridge

SkyBridge is a diverse band and project, established in the city of Boston in spring 2013 by Japanese vocalist and composer Utako Toyama (Berklee ‘14). Our ideology is illustrated by the rainbow: comprised of many colours, it connects two points, just like a bridge. This mirrors our philosophy that we come from different origins, but are connected by the common language of our smiles. Our long-term goal is to share our fundamental message, We Look Different, We ALL Smile the Same. At its core, SkyBridge promotes equality and friendship among every citizen of the globe.


Our performers, accomplished vocalists, pianists, guitarists, and bassists, come from many different countries, including the United States, India, France, Ireland, Kenya, and Japan. Our additional team members devote their talents to marketing, promotion, and brand strategy. All performers and team members are alumni or current students of Berklee College of Music and Boston University. These young souls wish to make a difference in the world with their expertise and passion for music.


With influences ranging from Pop, R&B, Reggae, Jazz, Soul, and Funk, our musical style is truly global. Through the exchange of culture, language, and ideas, SkyBridge creates music with messages of warmth and great purpose for the global community.


We hope you will join us for our next performance, and be part of our message of hope and peace. We also welcome you to contact us for performance and sponsorship opportunities. We would relish the chance to work with you, and to this end, SkyBridge offers several customizable solutions that can be tailored to your unique needs. Classic options include traditional concert formats, music pedagogy and instruction, and creative workshops. For more dynamic needs, we offer conceptual advertising and commercial services, in addition to our exciting Flash Mob formation. We look forward to working with, and performing for, YOU!

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